Maths World

This is our first collaborative project:

We are going to map out places where Mathematicians had made significant contributions to the various branches of Mathematics we learn today.

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How do we do it...
  1. Go through the Secondary 1 Curriculum.
  2. Identify an area of Mathematics that you would like to know more.
  3. Carry out a search of a Mathematician behind it:
    • Find out the birthplace of the Mathematician.
    • What was he 'famous' about?
      • e.g. He discovered a way to solve a specific kind of problem.
    • How was his contribution relevant today's everyday application?
      • e.g. The method of measurement is adopted by doctors to diagnose a disease.
    • In which chapter would you 'meet' this Mathematician?
  4. Mark down his birthplace in the GoogleMap and update the information you found in the textbox.
Note: You would be invited to contribute in this GoogleMap at the end of Term 1 Week 1.
Scheduled completion date: 31 January 2011.

In the GoogleMap...
  1. Describe briefly his contribution.
  2. Insert 1-2 hyperlinks of website that gives more information about the work/ mathematics.
  3. Insert his photograph/ portrait in the post.
Enter the name of the Mathematician and his birthplace in the Comment below.