Number Phrases

Do you know that... Numbers are widely used in our everyday language?

For example, "Five senses" refers to "Hearing, Sight, Smell, Taste and Touch" while "One way ticket" means "a ticket that takes you to a destination but not back again".

Now, look at the following phrases... Do you know what they mean?
  1. One liner
  2. In two shakes of a lamb's tail
  3. Three-dog night
  4. On all fours
  5. Take five
  6. Six of one and a half-dozen of the other
  7. Seven seas
  8. Eight-hour day
  9. On cloud nine
  10. Top 10
  11. Eleventh hour
  12. Twelvemonth
  13. Catch-22
  14. Twenty-three skidoo
  15. Twenty-four-hour
  16. Forty winks
  17. Fifty-fifty
  18. Eighty-eight
  19. Ninety-nine times out of a hundred
  20. Hundred and one
  21. One hundred percent
  22. Thousand and one
  23. Sixtey-four-thousand-dollar question
  24. Feel like a million
  25. A million to one

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