HOME PLAY: 2011, January 20

1. Refer to the activity on relationship of numbers 12, 36 and 72 (that we did in class).
2. Look at the work that were submitted at the end of the lesson and the marks awarded.
3. Read through the complete working.

    In Maths (I)

    • Attempt Lesson 2 (02) Investigation - Family "DO", "RE", "ME", "FA", "SO", "LA", "TI"
    • Refer to the working given in the class activity.
    • Do not fold the page. Write neatly. Show all working.
    • On the first page, include
      • Date: 21 Jan 2011 (Friday)
      • Title: Chapter 1: Factors and Multiples
      • Label each question with "Investigation - Family....."

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