HOME PLAY: End-of-Term 1 Week 2

1. About Mathematics (Group Work)

(i) Consolidated List
  • Take photos of the consolidated list. 
  • Leader shall post the photos in the Maths blog. 
  • Name the post as "About Mathematics".
  • Insert the label "Introduction"
(ii) Grouping
  • Make reference to the consolidated list, group the seemingly related words together.
  • Identify the branch of Mathematics that this group of words belong to
  • Write a general statement to describe the branch of Maths
  • Each "branch" of Maths should be written on a piece of A4 paper.
2. Maths Curriculum Outline
This is already made available in the 2011 student googlesite.
  • URL: http://email.sst.edu.sg
  • Login ID and Password: Same as what you used to login to the school network
3. 6 AM Quiz
Look out for the Quiz on Saturday morning.
You will contribute to the group points based on your answer to the questions as well as the time you respond to the quiz.
Bonus points will be awarded to all entries that are correct (in the 1st submission):
  • 6 am - 7 am: +3 points
  • 7 am - 8 am: +2 points
  • 8 am - 9 am: +1 point
4. Preparation for Next Week's lesson
Resources will be put up over the weekend (Saturday afternoon).