HOME PLAY: End-of-Term 1 Week 8

1. Chapter 2 Assignment 2
We attempted the following questions during lesson  this week:
Tier B: Q9 to Q13
Tier B: Q15
Complete the remaining questions.
Attach the question paper as the cover of the Assignment.
Deadline: 4 March 2011 (Friday)

2. Diagnostic Activity
This is administered via the Ace Learning portal and is now available.
Deadline: 26 February 2011, Saturday 2355h

3. Preparation for Chapter 3
  • Please read Chapter 3 in your textbook.
  • Check inbox in Acelearning portal on readings assigned.
4.  Chapter 2 Assignment 1: Tier C - Questions, 11, 12 & 13
The discussion of the 3 questions would take place in the "Mathematics in Real Life" Page @ Facebook.
You may refer to the "documents" on the right of the page to participate in the discussion of the answers. The final answer would also be highlighted there.

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