Real Numbers - Activity 3 - Let's examine the Patterns! ADDITION of Negative Numbers

(1) Download the file "Chapter 2 Investigative Activity - Addition of Negative Numbers.numbers" from the GoogleSite.

Enter formula to find the value of "a + b".
From the numbers generated, write down the 2 rules of Addition of Integers.
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Vocabulary List
  • Numerical Part
  • Sign
  • Positive
  • Negative
  • Difference
  • Sum
  • Same
  • Different


  1. I'm not sure if this counts:

    1. If you add 2 even numbers or 2 odd numbers, the sum would be even

    2. If you add 1 odd number and 1 even number, the sum would be odd

  2. 1. If a negative number is added to the same number in positive, the answer will be 0.
    2. If 0 is added to a negative number, the answer is the negative number.

  3. 1. If a positive number is added to a negative number, the number will only be 0 if the two numbers have the same digits.An example is:
    positive 1+(-1)=0

    2. The sum of two negative integers is a negative integer.An example is:
    Rather than the number reduce to be a smaller value, the number increases to a bigger value in the terms of negative.

  4. 1. The sum of the same numerical part of a negative number and a positive number will be 0. Eg.(-y)+y=0 OR (-3)+3

    2. The sum of two different negative numbers always results in a negative number. Eg, (-y)+(-x)=(-y)+(-x) OR (-4)+(-5)=(-9)

  5. *numerical part meant to be numerical value

  6. (-n)+(-y)=(-n)-y