eLearning Lesson 1 Task 1: Choice of Graphs

  • Among the 4 graphs (Line Graph, Bar Graphs, Pictograms, Pie Charts), identify ONE graph that is NOT an appropriate choice to represent the information?
  • I think the pie chart is not an appropriate choice to represent the information
    • Why do you think it's not appropriate?
    • I think it is not appropriate as the pie chart shows only the percentage of what type of weather will cast on the earth, but if we want to know the exact number of where the weather will fall it does not show. Thus, i think it is not appropriate

    • What makes you think the 3 remaining graphs are appropriate?
    • The other 3 remaining graphs shows where it will the exact number of that weather of the whole south-east Asia


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  2. I agree with matthew's answer. Pie chart will get messed up in angle if the numbers are complicating. Furthermore, If you're drawing out the pie chart without using computer, (with pencil and protractor) it will take a longer time for you to do it than the rest of the graphs

  3. In fact, you have correctly pointed out that Pie Charts shows percentage, and therefore it provides information like % of countries are going to have rain in that day.

    So, PIE chart could still be appropriate if we want to draw information based on percentage.

    How about the rest? Apart from presenting data in exact figures, what differentiates them? Are they are appropriate to represent data in this weather scenario?