eLearning Lesson 1: Task 1 - Choice of Graphs

I think the Pictogram is inappropriate. Firstly, if one unit is too big a number, the unit shape has to be cut up into the exact value when dealing with small numbers, which then would be hard to read and calculate. Whereas if the unit is too small, you would have to draw many unit shapes or count them, both which are tedious and are still hard to understand at a glance.

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  1. You are right in the sense that pictogram is not appropriate if the number we are dealing with is very large. It is not easy to present it in a way that is easy to figure out the numbers very quickly.

    Apart from the pictogram, could you identify the graph that is DEFINITELY NOT APPROPRIATE to represent the data in this case?

    Does each type of graph serve a different purpose or it doesn't matter?