Reflection: About my Maths Learning in Term 1

It's been 10 weeks that we are in this Maths Classroom... we have covered 3 topics... we have tried a range of learning activities...

Let's recall and reflect ...
  1. Share one or more things that you like about the Maths lessons, and you hope to continue seeing it happening in Term 2?
  2. What are your challenges when learning the concepts and mastering the skills in Chapter 1 & Chapter 2?
  3. Name one or more things that would help you learn better.


  1. 1. I like the use of learning device and the points table of groups
    2. I had difficult understanding the types of Numbers
    3. none that i can think of

  2. 1) I enjoy the homework and group work we do.
    2) The topics were a bit hard at first and it was hard to understand all the complex questions.
    3) More homework and for the lesson to revise topics before tests.

  3. 1. I like the group discussion and I hope to see it in Term 2. Can you change the 6am quiz to a 6pm quiz?
    2. Real numbers had a lot of families of numbers and it was hard to remember all the families.
    3. playing maths games that are fun and not just about calculating.

  4. 1. Group discussion and use of learning device to search on the topic.
    2. As I have never learnt about real numbers, I found it a little difficult at first, but now I have gotten a good idea.
    3. I would us to be able to apply maths to our daily life through fun activities.

  5. 1. I like the group work a lot, especially if we learn through interesting ways. An example of this is the video of the number line we needed to make.
    2. My challenges were actually in all the skills, however, I will soon learn how to do it. One of my main challenges is that there were not much examples for the different types of methods.
    3. Give more examples for the different type of skills and let us do more group work.

  6. 1. I like almost everything of maths.
    2. Have to do workings
    3. More practice

  7. 1. Going out of the classroom activities
    2. Fractions
    3. More worksheets not computer worksheet

  8. 1) I wish to continue seeing the teacher interact with the students.
    2) I thought that the time spent on some sub-topics were too brief even though we have not gone through those in Primary school. I also do not understand some of the topics.
    3) I hope that there will be a 12am quiz instead of a 6am quiz.


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  10. 1. I like the Number Line Project and hope to have more(but not too much!) in Term 2

    2. The questions are puzzling…

    (honestly less homework. And more math games.)

  11. 1. Going out of the class room.
    2. Not to be so careless.
    3. More worksheet but not cpunted for exam if not it is very stress.

  12. 1) I like playing Maths games on the websites.

    2)I didn't really have much of a challenge, because I am a rather fast-learner, just that I encountered some problems here and there due to carelessness.

    3) MORE HOMEWORK!!! (Just kidding) You can tell us about formulas to calculate in certain cases. Also, more examples could be used to explain different scenarios.

  13. 1. I liked the fact that we could do a lot of groupwork in class.
    2. Sometimes the info is hard to understand and hard to catch up.
    3. More educational games.

  14. 1.I like the group work that we did on number line and I also like the math games you give [like the golf game for estimation etc]. I hope to have lesser 6am quiz and I think that we should have a midnight quiz.[then our mental juices will be fully squeezed and our brain cells would die then we would sleep better] I also hope that there are outdoor activities [like finding maths(the topic) in real world.
    2.I think that the challenges when learning concepts and mastering skills are not being able to learn as fast as the others.
    3. I think I would need more practices[tier a tier b and stuff].

  15. 1. I think that the quizzes and all the discussions on using maths in real life, writing in blogs, maths games and the different tiers of the homework are all very useful and interesting.In the whole, I love the whole process of learning maths so far.I would just hope that the quizzes would start later as I would not have enough sleep.
    2. There were not many challenges except for some of the tier C questions which are more difficult and required more thinking skills.
    3. More games, discussions and outdoor learning as can apply maths concepts into current things.

  16. 1. I like that we are able to use our macbooks during lessons and that we are even learning during the weekends instead of just in school. I also like that we can play math games in class, as they will interest us instead of just passive work.
    2. I had not many difficulties, I cannot remember.
    3. Have some outdoor activities that are related to math so that we can be more active instead of staying in the class room all the time.

  17. 1. I like all the group discussions and hands-on activities we had done to learn the chapters. And i hope to see more hands-on and online games for lessons to make it interactive.
    2. Sometimes I take a longer time to digest the information and concept on a certain topic and sometimes more to apply it. And mastering the skills may sometimes be hard and it can't stay in my memory for long.
    3. More games and outdoors activities to find maths being applied to the real world can be made and the 6am quiz should be changed to a 6pm quiz. Like maybe go to some maths museum or place, or even out of Singapore. :D

  18. 1) I like the group discussions as we have fun when we are working together and I also like using Facebook during lesson time. I hope to continue seeing them in Term 2.

    2)I make a lot of careless mistakes so I think that by checking my work more carefully would help me to avoid these mistakes.

    3)I think going outdoor and playing more interesting math games would help me learn better. I also hope that the 6 am quiz can be at a later time.

  19. 1.I would like the the teacher to continue the 6am quiz as it would make me wake up on saturday morning and start my homework after doing the quiz.We could also get out of the class to do some math rather than staying cooped up in the four walls of the classroom.

    2.I could not understand some questions in the homework.

    3.We could have some enrichment classes for those who are a bit behind the class in the chapter.

  20. I like the group discussion

    Difficulty at the start

    Hard to remember

    The math quiz could be on 8.30(not too early or late)

  21. 1. The group work (The number line. The words related to Mathematics.)
    Definitely yes... (Duh).
    2. It was a bit difficult to understand how to find LCM, HCF... And some homework, + the adding of numbers with different signs. ><
    3. Maybe getting out of the freezing classroom, and group work outdoors. LOL.
    I need more practice, or should I say, more ways to solve questions, simpler ways to understand a concept.
    And I do not WANT quizzes that are posted at 6 AM... (Everyday wake up 5.30... Saturday also must wake up at 6... :( )

  22. 1) I like Ms Loh, and what she teaches. ;)
    2) There were some difficult techniques and methods to find out the answers to questions.
    3) The quizzes and the worksheets. ;)

  23. 1.I like the use of the learning device and group activities.
    2.I might have had some problems with a few methods but i will ask questions if i don't know
    3.A bit more use of the learning device and more flexibility for deadlines.