HOME PLAY: End-of-Term 2 Week 4

1. Quiz in Acelearning Portal
To be completed by tonight 2355h
  • Stem-and-Leaf Diagrams
  • Dot Diagrams, for those who did not attempt yesterday.
2. Task at Maths Blog
Complete the task in your notebook by Monday evening.
14 April (Stem-and-Leaf Task): Which part of the Singapore Island has the best air quality?
We'll be checking your work on Tuesday morning. 

3. Topic Assignment
Deadline: 19 April 2011 


  1. erm the stem-leaf could not be able to be done it was already over?

  2. the stem-leaf was over at 8pm on 15th i wasn't able to complete it as I did not catch up to the time then, as i was still coming back... Ms loh could you kindly reassign it for me?