20110731: Gentle Reminder on the week ahead...

Dear Ladies & Gentlemen...

(1) Level Test Papers
  • Remember to do the corrections (in green ink, beside the question)
  • Get your parents to look through and sign at the cover page
  • Bring the copy back in the next lesson
(2) Preview Exercises for Chapter 6
  • Refer to the postings below this... which include
    • AceLearning reading & practice
    • Online games
(3) Australian Mathematics Competition
  • Please see link on the left panel - for more information & practice papers
  • Date: 4 August 2011 (Thursday) - 12.50 pm to 2.05 pm
  • Venue: Classroom
  • What you need: Writing materials, which include Pencil and Eraser.
  • Calculator is not allowed for this paper.
  • The results will be included in the overall assessment results

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