Algebra: Demonstrating Expansion with Area of Rectangles/Squares


Each of you has been assigned the question on the "Square paper".

You are going to explain how to evaluate the expression using the area of rectangles.
  • Fold the paper and draw lines to illustrate how the expression is represented on the square paper.
  • Label the lengths of each side of the square clearly.
  • Shade the area of the section that the expression represents.
  • Find the area of each section on the paper clearly.
  • Write down, clearly, at the back of the paper, steps on how you find the area of the section that represents the expression
Submitting your work
  • Take a photo of your work and post it in this Maths blog
  • Title of Post: Expansion - Explanation with Area of Square (Question no.)
  • Label: Algebra, Rectangle
  • Deadline: 14 July 2011 (Wednesday) 2359h

Q1: Darryl*, Christabel, Daniel
Q2: Dawn*, Ryan Sio, Ryan Yeo
Q3: Devanshi, Mervin
Q4: Leighton, Kashyap, Ming Yi, Cowan
Q5: Amelia, Akhaila, Ben, Siddharth
Q6: Jia En, Max, Eugene, Matthew
Q7: Joshua, Dexter, Luke

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