Term 3 Week 5: Maths Level Test

27 July 2011 (Wednesday)
Duration: 1 hour
Calculator is allowed.

Topics tested:
(1) Rate, ratio and speed (Chapter 9)
  • Ratios involving rational numbers
  • Writing a ratio in its simplest form
  • Average rate
  • Problems involving ratio and rate
  • Concepts of speed, uniform speed and average speed
  • Conversion of units (e.g. km/h to m/s)
  • Problems involving speeds, uniform speed and average speed
(2) Algebraic manipulation (Chapter 5) Worksheet 1- 4 only
  • Differentiate between like terms and unlike terms.
  • Addition and Subtraction of linear algebraic expressions 
  • Simplification of linear algebraic expressions
Note: Factorisation is NOT included

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