Task for 20110801: Let me explain...

With reference to the video clips...
Explain how you would solve the equation assigned to you in your notebook.
Use INK to pen down your explanation (to solve the equation).

  • Explain clearly every step... as if you are explaining to someone who does not know how to solve an equation
  • Use mathematical vocabulary that you have generated as a class when doing the explanation.
Take a photo of your work and post it in this Maths Blog
Title: Question No. by Your Name

Exercise 6.1 (p116)
No. 1(b)
No. 1(d)
No. 1(f)
No. 1(h)
No. 1(l)
No. 1(n)
No. 2(a)
No. 2(b)
No. 2(c)
No. 2(d)
No. 2(e)
No. 2(f)

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