20110923: Preparation for the following Week

Maths... Things to follow-up before we meet
(1) Worksheet 8 - we finished the discussion. Only some handed in. This is one worksheet that all must hand in as I would like to check your working.
(2) Watch the video clip in the Maths blog, which summarises the operational steps of the solving Linear Equations
(3) Preparation for next week: Go through the blog posting on Problem Solving Heuristics (new page) as well as the last chapter in textbook 1B. We'll focus on using algebra and variable to solve word problems. (http://sst2011-s102maths.blogspot.com/p/problem-solving-processes-heuristics.html)
(4) An OPTIONAL worksheet on Factorisation - attempt it when you see more practice is needed :)

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