S1 (Viva Voce) Part A Question 3

S1 (Viva Voce) Part B:
The challenges I faced was firstly, the poor quality of the camera. I tried many times to record again with better lighting, but I guessed that my handwriting in my Maths notebook was written too lightly, and used screen-recording as the last resort.

Secondly, even though I had a script, it was hard to flip through the small pieces of paper I wrote on while holding the notebook (before I used screen recording). And thus I kept making mistakes, using a lot of time to redo the recording, again and again.

The learning points was to understand the problem and to know the methods and the right words used to solve and explain the specific question. It is also to articulate and to express if you had understood the teacher during lesson time.

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  1. The explanation is clear is systematic and clear. The approach is clearly articulated. The entire solution is easy to understand.

    You have also constantly refer to the conditions given in order to identify the pair of factors that satisfies the requirement (in the question). Good. On the other hand, what if the number given is much bigger than what's given and there are many pairs of factors? You would have to consider the use of algebra.

    The steps of the conversion is also clearly explained.

    "m^2" to be read as "square metre"