S1 (Voice Viva) Part A Question 3

S1(Voice Viva) Part B Question 3

The challenges I faced were that that the video took a long time to successfully film as there would always be little mistakes with the verbal explanation, lighting, method ect. The other challenge was to explain clearly what my method was. I had to explain clearly exactly what each of my steps were and how I thought through them.

The learning points were to show the solving process of an algebra question and to explain clearly how each step was done.


  1. The approach taken is clearly presented in the explanation. You have chosen to find possible pairs of factors that result the sides given the condition. However, what happens if the value (i.e. the area) is a very large number? You have also not further elaborate how you go about eliminating the other pairs before arriving at the answer. Using this method would not be effective or efficient.

    The explanation for the conversion is very clear.

    Also note that:
    Read "m^2" as "square metre"

  2. The explanation is systematic and clear. You've also clearly explained how the to use "Listing of Factors" method to eliminate the irrelevant 'pairs' before arriving at the final pair, which is 4 and 5. On the other hand, if the number is huge, would this method still be effective and efficient? Algebraic method would be for consideration.

    The conversion of unit is also explained.

    "cm^2" should be read as "square centimetre" instead.