Closure... Maths Class 2011

Dear S1-02

It's been a pleasure to be with you on your maiden learning journey in SST :)

In our attempt to make the learning experience more enriching and to bring out the "SST Flavour: Applied Learning with Technology use", several "new" approaches were introduced over the past few months. To name a few:
  • 6 AM Quiz
  • Mathematics in Real Life in Facebook
  • Story Marathon that bring a twist to the Red Riding Hood story
  • Assessment through Viva Voce (Practice & Performance task)
  • Outdoor Data Collection Mission (eLearning activity cum Performance Task)
  • Problem Solving related to real life (e.g. The Cornfield Corn, Which is a better deal in terms of magazine purchase?)
  • Hands-on activities like folding of rectangular sheets to learn about expansion
  • Short Quizzes before the major assessements
  • Group activities such as analysing the PSI values of different parts of Singapore at different times of the year
  • ...

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