S1 (Viva Voice) Part A Question 3-Final

S1 (Viva Voice) Part B Question 3 (Reflection):
Some challenges I faced was speaking clearly, as I keep mumbling to myself as I was not very confident of myself. There were also noises in the video as there were renovations going on so but I solved it by de-noising it in imovie(but i failed...). The biggest challenge I faced was uploading the video(I forgot how to) but after getting some help from my family, I found out how to embed the video. One of the things that I learnt from this was that to make a recording we should always make a script, talk clearly and confidently and take note that background noises might ruin the whole recording, so we should always find a quiet place to record (Unfortunately, I was not able to find a quiet place).

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  1. The approach is clear described. Note that since all 4 sides of the square are the same, so, you can just mention the length of the square is 6m (instead of saying the length & breadth of the square...).

    "m^2" is to be read as "square metre".
    You have also described systematically how you go about listing and eventually eliminating the irrelevant pairs of factors. Good.

    The conversion is incorrect.
    1m^2 = 10000cm^2
    Check out the steps.

    Note: This comment will supercede the previous submission's.