Numbers Family - Making Connections

Let's draw up the family tree, linking the following
• Rational Numbers
• Irrational Numbers
• Integers
• Negative Fractions
• Positive Fractions
• Whole Numbers
• Natural Numbers
• Imaginary Numbers

(I) Divide and Conquer
(a) Write down the "definition" of the above "Numbers".
(b) Give examples of each type of numbers.
(c) Submit your findings in Facebook - Class Page.
(d) Include your group name in the posting.

(II) Putting them together
(a) Map out the findings in the chart paper to illustrate the relationships of the numbers/ present the information you found.
(b) Put the chart up at the class notice board.
(c) Include your group name on the chart.
Here's an example how to present the map.

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