Chap 16: Data Handling - Activity 3(b) Interpreting Line Graphs

Source of Information: Statistics Singapore. (2010, April 18). Statistics Visualiser. Retrieved from

Indonesia, China, Australia, Malaysia and India were Singapore’s top visitor-generating markets in 2009, accounting to more than 50% of total visitor arrivals for the year.

Increased air links and the growth of low cost carriers in the region contributed to the increase in visitor arrivals from countries such as Malaysia in 2009, mitigating the declines in visitor arrivals from other countries due to weak economic sentiments and the impact of Influenza A (H1N1).

Click HERE to view and access the interactive graph (as shown below) that shows the number of visitor arrivals from these 5 countries.
Make use of the interactive features of the graph (right click at the chart to explore) to draw out trends - for individual countries, as well as make comparisons between countries.

From the graphs,

(a) For each country, describe the variation in the data, starting from 1999 to 2009. Based on the data, would you predict the number of visitors for 2010 is going to be higher or lower than 2009? What makes you think it is higher or lower? [10 marks]
Present your answer clearly stating the country before your observation. E.g.
(i) Austrialia: ..... {i.e. your observation...}

(b) Make a comparison amongs the data from each country, the data from which country stands out? Why do you think there are more visitors from this country than others? Would you be able to briefly describe the possible purposes of visit by people from these 5 countries? [6 marks]

(c) What other observations or inferences you could make from the graphs? [Bonus: 4 marks]

Note: This is part of the daily work. All are to attempt.
You may refer to the example in Textbook Chap 16 (p176) to guide you in answering the question.

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