Maths Performance Task: Statistical Poster (Group Work)

You are going to present your findings, analysis and recommendations in a Digital Poster.

(I) The Poster should include the following sections
  1. Introduction
    • A brief description of the current situation/ problem/ issue purpose of this investigation
  2. Objective
    • The objective or purpose of this investigation. What do you intend to find out from this investigation?
    • There are 4 suggestions were given in "Scaffolds #1 (3) Preparation for Statistical Analysis". That will help to inform hte reader the scope of your investigation.
  3. Methodology
    • A brief description of the data collection process [see Scaffolds #1 (2) Data Collection]
  4. Findings
    • A presentation of the findings. 
    • You will organise the data in appropriate form of table and charts.
    • Pick appropriate charts so tht the information/ data could be presented in a meaningful manner.
  5. Statistical Analysis
    • From the table(s) and chart(s), what can you tell about the punctuality of the bus services?
    • You are likely to use terms like frequency, central tendencies like mean, median & mode and percentages to describe what you observe (from the table/ charts).
  6. Inferences
    • What conclusions did you reach on the basis of evidence and reasoning
  7.  Conclusions
    • Judgement or decision reached by reasoning
  8. Recommendations
(II) How to create the digital poster?
  • The ONE-page poster can be created with Pages or Keynote
  • Orientation: Can be either Portrait or Landscape
    • Pages: Can be both portrait or landscape
      • Go to File > Page Setup > 
        • > Page Attributes: SelectOrientation ~ Portrait or Landscape
        • > Paper Size: Change to A3
    • Keynote: Landscape only
  • Save your poster using the filename: S102-Poster-GroupName
Your poster must include the following:
  • Title - Give a title that is reflects what you try to investigate. It can come in the form of a question.
  • Group Name; Name of Members; Class; Year 
(III) Submission:
  • You will be submitting poster in the following formats:
    1. Pages document or Keynote slide
    2. A PDF-ed copy of the Pages document or Keynote slide
  • Group leader to email poster to Ms Loh by 19 May 2011 (Thursday) 2359h
    • Include all members in the "cc" of the email
  • Title of email: Maths Performance Task S1-02 Group Name 
DEADLINE: 19 May 2011 (Thursday) 2359h

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