Maths Performance Task: Statistical Journal (Individual)

In about 500 words... Pen down your thoughts on the following
  • You will be assessed by the clarity, depth, relevance and accuracy of your thinking. 
  • Refer to the rubrics for more details.
(A) Your Reflection
(I) Role of Statistics in Real Life
Reflecting on what you have learnt in class and in doing this performance task, write an individual reflection on the role of statistics in real life.
    Scaffolds... Use the following to guide you to present your thoughts and views:
    • Describe in your own words, what do you understand about the term, "Statistics"?
      • What does statistics broadly cover? 
      • Recall what you learnt in Chapter 16. 
    • Cite a range of real life examples where statistics are used in real life. 
      • From your personal experience, what is your encounter with Statistics? 
        • For example... (you are strongly encouraged to think of examples different from what are listed below)
          • Did you keep track of your expenditure using some table(s) or graph(s)? How have the table(s) and graph(s) been useful to you? 
          • Did you notice that your family's usage of electricity, water and gas are charted in the utilities bill? Why did the"Singapore Power" use graphs or share such information with the users?
          • How is statistics 'embedded' within your learning activities in other subjects like Science?)
      • From newspapers articles, how are statistics being used to report happening arounding you?
    • You may include some images (diagrams) to illustrate/ support your points.
    • Remember to use mathematical terms to demonstrate your understanding of these terms
    • You may share your view on whether Statistics is a means to report situations in an objective manner? Does it always present a 'truthful' stand or sometimes, statistics lie?
      • It would be useful to have examples to support your point of view
    (II) Learning Experience
    • Describe briefly how your work has worked together on this project. 
    • What are some of the strengths of your group?
    • What were your roles?
    • What are some challenges that you faced while doing this project?
    • What are some of the things that you could do differently if you had to do a similar project in future?
    (B)  Submission
    You are going to post your reflection in your personal blog:
    • Subject Title: Maths Performance Task - Personal Reflection
      • Within the post, give the following sub-headings:
        • (I) Role of Statistics in Real Life
        • (II) Learning Experience
        • References: Include this section if you make reference to any resources when you attempt Part (I)
    • Label: Maths
    Submit your Permlink to the following GoogleForm by 16 May 2011 (Monday).

      DEADLINE: 19 May 2011 (Thursday) 2359h

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