S1 (Viva Voice) Part A Question 3

Part A: Question 3

S1 (Viva Voice) Part B Question 3 (Reflection):
Some challenges I faced was speaking clearly, as I keep mumbling to myself as I was not very confident of myself. There were also noises in the video as there were renovations going on so but I solved it by de-noising it in imovie(but i failed...). The biggest challenge I faced was uploading the video(I forgot how to) but after getting some help from my family, I found out how to embed the video. One of the things that I learnt from this was that to make a recording we should always make a script, talk clearly and confidently and take note that background noises might ruin the whole recording, so we should always find a quiet place to record (unfortunately, I was not able to find a quiet place).


  1. You have extracted the given info and systematically use them to solve the problem. You have listed down the pairs of factors that are would possibly give 20cm^2. By elimination, you arrive at 4 x 5.

    Note that 1 m^2 is not equal to 100 cm^2.
    It's 1m = 100 cm.
    Hence 1m^2 = 10000cm^2
    The final answer is therefore 200 000 cm^2

  2. Note: There's no sound output in this clip.