S1 (Viva Voice) Part A Question 1

Problems faced: Some of the problems faced when I was doing the video was that I originally wanted to do it on hardcopy but the words were either not clear or too small. There was also a problem with the audio and I had to type out what I wanted to say. Also, I wanted to edit the video in iMovie but it took very long to import and export.


  1. Part (i), you have clearly explained that due to the fact that the opposite sides of a rectangle are of the same length, you are able to arrive at the equation. However, the balancing of the equation was not articulated as the equation was solved.

    Part (ii), The steps and answers for this part are correct.

    Part (iii), you have clearly shown how the conversion can be done, starting from the 1m to 100 cm. That was very clear.

  2. Note: There's no sound output in this video clip.