S1 (Viva Voce) Part A Question 1

I had problems combining the three parts of the video together and I always had a tendency of saying the wrong thing which caused me to keep redoing the video. One of the challenges, is to think in the view of the person who is trying to understand our explanation. This requires of me to explain clearly to be able to let the person looking at the video have full understanding. I also had to make sure all concepts were used and nothing was left out.

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  1. Part (i): You've shown how to form that equation, however, missed out the part why AB=DC? Would be good to highlight because they are opposite sides of a rectangle. Excellent explanation on how you go about balancing the equation to solve for x.

    Part (ii): "cm^2" should be read as "square centimetre".
    The approach to substitute value into the expression is clearly explained.

    Part (iii): Note that 1m^2 is not equal to 100cm^2 x 100cm^2. But it can be described as:
    1 m^2 = 1 m x 1 m
    = 100cm x 100cm
    = 10000 cm^2