S1 (Viva Voice) Part A Question 1


I did not know how to explain the question at 1st. This is my weak point in math, I have always been unable to explain a mathematical equation to a person, but I can do the equation. This activity has helped me to be able to slowly improve on that.

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  1. Part (i): You can explained clearly how you derive the equation to solve for x (on the fact it's opposite sides of a rectangle). While you talked about manipulating the terms, you have not explained "why" and "how" (i.e. balancing the equation).

    Part (ii): "cm^2" is to be read as "square centimetre".
    You've shown how you substitute the values into the expression to get the numerical values of length and breadth.
    Why to find area, we 'times' 23 cm and 10 cm? What's the formula to find area of rectangle?

    Part (iii): The conversion is clearly explained.