S1 (Viva Voice) Part A Question 1

S1 (Viva Voce) Part B Reflection:
Challenges I faced during this task were:-
- Limited Preparation, I did not use a script so that at times I did not no what to say. I learnt that being more prepared is better.
- Explanation, I did not know how to explain it, but then I figured that I could use an example without algebra so that people could "see" the equation.

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  1. Part (i): You have correctly pointed out that because the 2 sides are opposite sides of a rectangle, they are the same, hence formulating the equation. You've also clearly explained the need to balance the equation, when subtracting a term on the LHS, we'll have to do the same to the RHS.

    Part (ii): The steps explained were clear. You could use terms like "substitute" to help you bring across the point more eaasily.

    The unit "cm^2" should be read as "square centimetre".

    Part (iii): For the conversion, you have highlighted how you arrive at the conversion unit. That's clear. Good.