S1 (Voice Viva) Part A Question 1

The problems I faced was that I had to film each bit, bit by bit thus I had to record about 20 times also I had problems with knowing what to say. I stammer at some points.
The learning point was that I must make a script so i would not stammer making it more fluent

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  1. Part (i): You are clear how to go about formulating the equation. However, why did you say AB = DC? Good to elaborate on that. You've attempted to explain the need to balance equation by removing the same term from both sides of the equation was clear. However, why did you proceed to 'just moving' the terms across and "change" the sign of the term?

    Part (ii): It's a good practice to keep in mind the unit that you are dealing with. However, in the viva, you only need to contextualise at the start and conclude with it at the end of the soluton.
    "cm^2" should be read as "square centimetre"

    Part (iii): The conversion method is very clear and easy to understand. Good.