S1 (Viva Voice) Question 1

Part A:
Part B:
I had some problems recording as the surroundings were quite noisy. I also had some problems explaining the steps with the terms used. I also had to record it back a few times because I made mistakes along the way. But, thanks to my script, it went quite well. Learning point was that we have to organize ourselves and prepare. Secondly, it is also to test whether we understand the terms and concepts.

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  1. Part (i): You have explained why and how you arrive at the equation. The explanation on the solving of equation by balancing it in the process is excellent :)

    Part (ii): "cm^2" should be read as "square centimetre". The substitution to find the numerical values of the sides was very clear.

    Part (iii): The step-by-step conversion is very systematic and easy to understand. Good.