S1 (Voice Viva) Part A Question 1

The challenges I faced when doing the video was that I had to take a long time to film the video. I kept having problems with my shadow reflected on the wall and I tried to shorten the words I had to say. 
The learning point was that I have learnt how to clearly using a step-by-step procedure explain how I arrived at the answer to the question.

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  1. There is no sound to this clip.

    Part (i): The working has shown that you are able to arrive at the equation, and also, your attempt to solve the equation, to ensure it is balance throughout the process is clearly written in the paper.

    Part (ii): The steps to substitute the value and hence find the area of the rectangle is clear.

    Part (iii): The conversion is not correct. Based on only one line in the working, I'm unable to tell you where's gone wrong.