Chap 10 Percentages: Which is a better deal? (I) National Geographic Magazines

The National Geographic magazine is known for its high quality photographs taken by the award-winning photographers. As a resource for budding photographers in SST, the Media Club teacher, Mr Fong is considering having the National Geographic magazines made available to students.

To make the purchase, he has to make a proposal to the department to justify that he has identified the best deal for the school. He could go to the newstand to buy the magazine every month or subscribe the magazine at the annual basis.

Below are the information available available.

Using the following format, help Mr Fong to put down his recommendation, together the necessary justifications for the best deal.

1. At the National Geographic Store, which is a better deal - To buy the magazine personally at the store or subscribe from the store? Why?

2. At the National Geographic Website, it charges $76 for 12 issues. How much does the subscriber pay for each issue? Is it giving a better or worse off deal compared to the store?

3. Based on the information at "EmitAsia",
(a) how much does one save for each issue if it is purchased through subscription?
(b) how much discount (in percent) does one actually save if purchased through subscription?

4. Put forward your recommendation.
E.g. We recommend Mr Fong to purchase personnal/ subscribe through the National Geographic Store/ Online subscription/ at the newstand because, by this mode of purchase because he is going to pay ..... (describe the amount he pays for each mode of purchase, hence do a comparison)

5. When making the comparisons, what challenges do you encounter?


  1. Mr Fong's problem- Dexter and Ming Yi
    1. We should subscribe at the store as it is cheaper than buying one issue at a time.
    2. The subscriber have to pay $6.33 (estimated) for each issue and it is cheap than buying one issue at a time(which costs $7.60 each issue)
    3. (a)One will save $30.40. (b)One will save more than 40%.
    4. Subscribe through the National Geographic Store
    5. The amount of money we save.

  2. 1) It is a better deal to Subscribe to the magazine than to individually buy. The price for 12 individual magazines is $91.20 while the price for 12 magazines(subscribed) is $76.00 which is lesser compared to individually buying.
    2) Each magazine is $6.33(Rounded Off) while the price for the magazine in the store is $7.60. So, it is a better deal to subscribe
    3)a) More than 40% saving
    b) The person actually saves about 17%(rounded off) and not more 40%.
    4) We recommend Mr Fong to subscribe through the online store because, by this mode of purchase, he is going to pay $76 per 12 magazines which is cheaper than subscribing to the store.
    5) The information from the web may not be true, such as the EmitAsia subscription centre.

  3. The following groups have not responded yet:
    (1) Amelia & Luke
    (2) Jia En & Ben

  4. 1. Subscribing is a better deal as the price is $7.60 per issue, while subscribing for the the year is $49, and the price difference is $42.20.

    2. The subscriber pays roughly $6.33 for each issue. It is a better deal compared to the store.

    3. a) One will save $30.40 b) 40%

    4) We recommend him to subscribe from the online store as it is much cheaper than subscribing at the store, and he will save money.

    5)The accuracy of the information on the website.

  5. ^^above post by Jia En and Ben

  6. Luke and Amelia
    1. At the national geographic store, subscribing from the store is cheaper than buying directly from the store when compared using the same base.
    2. It would be $7.60 if subscribing but if buying directly from the store, it will be $76 for 12 issues, which is about $6.33 per issue. Hence, subscribing would be a better option to save money.
    3a. Through subscribing, it could save $30.40 for 12 issues but 1 issue would save him about $2.53.
    3b. Discount is 40%.
    4. We suggest Mr Fong to subscribe to the online National Geographic store as this way, he would save more money. Given the difference in prices between two of the same issues, they are only ordered in a different way.
    5. The information in the website might not be accurate.

  7. 1. At the National Geographic Store, the better deal would be subscribing from the store.
    If we buy personally, 12 issues will cost $$91.20 whereas, through subscription, we will be paying $49 only. We would save $42.20

    2. At the National Geographic Website, it charges $76 for 12 issues.
    The subscriber will be paying for $6.33 per issue.
    Whereas, if we subscribe at the store, it would only cost us $4.08 per issue.
    Hence, subscribing at the store will be a better deal.

    3. Based on the information at "EmitAsia",
    (a) The newsstand price is $11.
    Hence, we would be saving ($11-$6.33 =) $4.67 for each issue if we subscribe online.

    (b) Discount (in percent) if purchased through subscription = $4.67/$11 x 100%
    = 42.5% (3SF)

    4. Compare the prices obtained from above and you should be able to find out which one gives the best deal :)