Chap 10 Percentages: Which is a Better Deal? (III)

Mr Yeo wanted to buy a portable hard-drive, Iomega Prestige (1TB) to store the multimedia productions by the students.

While he was surfing the Internet to look for a good deal, Mr Yeo chanced upon the eBrochure of the PC Show 2011 in June.

He exclaimed, "Oops! I missed a good deal!".

Next, Mr Yeo went to the Challenger Computer Store, site and found the same product but offering at a lower price!

(1) Mr Yeo is not a member of the Challenger Store. Find the percentage he saved, compared to another friend who bought the same device at the PC Show.

(2) If Mr Yeo decides become a member (at the point of payment) to enjoy the member's price. Find the percentage he saved, compared to buying at the PC Show.


  1. 1) He save 15.5 % (3s.f)

    2) He save 34.1% (3s.f)

  2. 1) He saved 18.3% (3 SF)
    2) He would have saved 40.4% (3 SF)

    Member Names: Kaung Myat Thu (Max), Kashyap Shroff Rajendra Prasad, Matthew Goh

  3. 1. 129-109=20

    2. 129-85=44

  4. a) He save 15.5 %

    b) He save 34.1%

  5. OK... All the groups have answered, but most of all did not put up down partners' name:
    (1) Joshua & Eugene
    (2) Siddharth & Leighton
    (3) Akhila & Mervin

  6. (a) To answer to the first question, we would find the difference = $129 - $109
    i.e. PC Show Price minus Non-member's price
    Difference = $20
    In this case, we use the PC Show Price as the original price (that Mr Yeo saved from)
    Hence, percentage saved = $20/$129 X 100%
    = 15.5% (3SF)

    (b) Difference = $129 - $85
    = $44
    Percentage saved (if Mr Yeo is a member)
    = $44/$129 X 100%
    = 34.1% (3SF)

    Max, Matthew & Kashyap - pls note