Chap 16: Data Handling - Gateway to Singapore Statistics

The Singapore Department of Statistics plays an important role in the growth of Singapore.
It is the central statistical authority responsible for official statistics on the Singapore economy and population.

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    Your Task: Imagine that you are...
    • (a) The Minister of Education: Tell us 3 things that data gathered would be useful for you to do planning or make decisions on education policies.
    • (b) The Minister of Labour: Tell us 2 things that you could do, based on the data presented to you. 
    Note: This is part of the daily work. All are to attempt.


    1. a. The growth of singapore which is 1% then i can use the money to give the students to learn out of the country. I can also use money for the more poor students. Which will benefit the students.
      b. The growth means that we can hire more people so to work in singapore. To provide more income, to invite more foreign talent

    2. (a) The data gathered can help me as the minister to know what are the other learning ways that most of the children like, what affect most of the children studies and how the children study which will help me to understand the children's learning more.

      (b)The data presented can help me understand the average salary paid and etc. and check some shops like if they got free labour then can fine/arrest them.

    3. a)The data gathered can be used to know if more detailed education is needed. It can also help with knowing that more students continue on to universities. And more students means more schools.

      b)I can try to increase the number of jobs. Provide suitable jobs for certain ages like the elderly.

    4. a) The data gathered can be used to find out whether more versatile or effective methods of teaching can be applied. The money also can be used to invest in students so they would continue further education. They also can fund needy students the money.

      b) I would use the money to train our workers so their work will be value-added. I would also use it to create more jobs for our workers.

    5. a) The data gathered could be useful for accessing the average attitude of the students in schools. It will also be useful to help improve the way of education to help students learn better. It will help to imply the values better.

      b) I could analyse whether the amount of labour is too much or too little. I can also improve the method of labour.

    6. a) With the gathered data, It would be useful for me to now the choice of education the students prefer, such as polytechnics. It will also useful for me know the ratio of people who are being educated to the number of people (in the same age group) not being educated and the number of students who stay in Singapore and go to universities.

      b) The data can help me which age group in Singapore has the most number of working people and I will increase the number of jobs suitable for that group of people. I would also try to increase the number of jobs appropriate for young and elderly people.

    7. a)The data gathered can help me a minister to help students which need more attention in their studies and even let some students get extra attention for studies when they can't afford it, such as those who are less fortunate, this data would also make me understand more about the ways the students are learning and improve it.

      b)with the data i can increase more jobs which are suitable for all ages who are able to work such as elderly too... I can also provide more methods of labour by improving the environment they are working in and support those who need it

    8. a) It will help me tell the statistics, mainly effectivity to improve on the syllabus given to the students, type of education system, and also to tell me which investment in student education programme will benefit the students the most.

      b) I could get in more foreign workers and increasing the number of jobs.

    9. (a)The educational attainment shows the the attainments from the year 2000 and the year 2010.In the year 2010, the is an gradual increase in the number of people who is having tertiary education compared to the year 2000.
      Based on the mean years of schooling, there is a trend that females have lesser years of education compared to males, although there are about the same number of males and females, based on the population age pyramid.
      The mean years of schooling can also show that there is a very gradual increase.Until now, the mean for both are 9 for females and 10 for males.This means that the mean is only until around secondary school education.
      (b)From the population age pyramid, those under the adults section, will gradually move up to fill the elderly section and children will take over the adults.From there, I can tell that there is an aging population and I may need to cater more jobs for the elderly to support the economy.
      From the Labour Force Participation Rate, I can take note of those who are 50 years old and above to see how is the sustainable rate like.

    10. a)economy has increased and the money can be used to fund needy students

      b)I would use the money for bonuses for workers to motivate them to work harder