1 April 2011: Task for the Day

Chatper 16: Data Handling

You should complete all these tasks by TODAY during the Maths lesson.

Task 1: Wallwisher activity [5 min]
Task 2 [20 min]
Task 3 [15 min]
  • With reference to the charts posted on the 4 walls, click at the hyperlink of each chart to see how the chart is being used (in real world). 
    • E.g. The bar chart shows the sales of the different flavours of a certain brand of instant noodles in a local supermarket in a week, therefore allowing the production manager to decide which flavour to increase in their production.
  • Now, write down one example for each type of chart on how the chart is being used in real world.
  • Direct Link: Chap 16: Data Handling - How are these graphs used in real world situation

Task 4 [10 min]

Complete homework assigned on 31 March 2011 (Thursday) if you have not completed.

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